Event Schedule

Weekly Events first, scroll down for full calendar!

5 to 7 or later


Cu Presents

Open Mic Every Sunday

Haunted Mic With Noah Every Sunday!
Any and all performance is welcome!
We are open until 11pm daily!



7pm to 11pm


Twig The Wonderkid and CU present

CU Multi-Media Arts Lab!

Hosted by DJ Twig The Wonderkid, Tarot by Kelechi & Willow plus Live Music & Kava Cocktails 7-11pm


7pm to 11pm


Comedy (every two week)

Adiel Z Kay comedy mic 6-8 every other Friday
Show your stuff early, watch a show later!

see calendar below for dates

1:00 – 6:00


80’s/New Wave/Darkwave/Synthwave

CU Mondays!

DJ’s Kamikazi Tomato and Ian Ford alternate weeks 7-11pm