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Et Tu’ Suspect

March 14 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Seattle Suspects

The Seattle Suspects was born of a need to document the fabulous freaks that had become my friends, and a human backdrop to my life during the four-year period I lived in the downtown neighborhood of Pioneer Square.

When I expatriated myself from suburban New Jersey and moved to Seattle in 1992, I found a vibrant subculture of people, who made themselves an art project by creating elaborate persona and unique style. On one side of Seattle were the grunge clubs cranking out tuned-down, socially conscious inspired music. On the flip side, in the shadows of downtown were the dark clubs that played gothic/industrial dance music and attracted the most elaborate, charmingly androgynous and romantically tragic figures I had ever seen. Across the city I observed these interesting figures, expressing themselves in ways that would get you “beaten up” where I came from, and I embraced this human aesthetic and quickly adopted their ways.

Lending context, I asked them four questions in the form of a survey at the time of the photoshoot.

What is your current occupation?
What are you most satisfied with in the universe?
What are you most un-satisfied with in the universe?
What is your ultimate goal?

I sought to strip them down to their cores and allow them to project their true selves unto my film, be that a romantic Goth finding succor in a dark persona, a drag queen exploring social taboos, or simply poets and artists just looking for that elusive something for which their ilk is in perennial quest. Those are the Seattle Suspects that I photographed and this is them, black and white, with nothing to hide and everything to say.

This special exhibition of the Seattle Suspects is dedicated to those who are outsiders to the mainstream, yet through determination achieve success while staying true to their selves. Twelve Suspects representative of the over one hundred subjects photographed are presented in 16×20 Silver Gelatin prints made by the photographer.


March 14
8:00 am - 5:00 pm