CBD Coffee & Trippin' Tea


We now serve CBD-infused coffee, and Trippin’ Tea! Check out the article in Bushwick Daily! We also carry a variety of legal and delicious CBD items!

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most abundant compounds found in cannabis. Unlike other compounds found in cannabis, CBD is legal, has no psychoactive effects, and will not make you fail a drug test. CBD should be utilized by everybody to help strengthen and maintain their physical, neurological, and psychological states for optimal living. CBD is legal in New York.


Voted Best Coffee in The Bushwick Daily, featured on TimeOut, Secret NYC, and News 12, The Caffeine Underground brings the underground into the spotlight. We are here to help support our local community of creatives, intellectuals, geeks, freaks, musicians, artists, creators, makers, dreamers, LGBTQIA, and anyone who wants to break the mold!

Our specialities include Kava, Yerba Mate Lattes, Black-and-Red Lattes, Bulletproof Coffee, CBD Coffee and other CBD products. We can custom build you a drink or smoothie on the spot. Try our Grilled 3-Cheese (Turkey Optional) Sandwich on 21-grain bread! We also carry gluten free and vegan options too. Hang out, mix, and mingle while using our high speed Wifi, and enjoy rotating local and indie art installations.

We have something fun every week, from film showings, to dj dance parties, open mic nights , social meetups, live music, plus martial art and tai chi classes and much more! If you are interested in hosting a public or private event, feel free to ask us any questions through our contact box below.


Ian Ford

Long time NYC resident (over two decades) and underground DJ, Ian Ford, is the creator and owner of the Caffeine Underground! Ford took his passion for music and exposed audiences to new soundscapes and cultures through his successful DJ residencies at some of NY's most infamous clubs including The Bank, Webster Hall, Splash, XL and many more. Through the buzzing metropolis, Ford was able to see into the darkest corners of night life and helped support his local communities who were a part of LGBTQIA, rock and electronic dance scenes. Ford spent much of his time over the years developing a lifestyle that was grounded, and more healthy. He began studying topics in spirituality, martial arts, and physical training. Since then, Ford still practices and is an educator in PaKua Martial Arts, Reiki, and Ch'ien Chi Kua. Ian Ford continues to spread his wealth of culture, sharing his insight and joy with others in the hope, they continue to share their own experiences.

"We need a peaceful retreat and place to enjoy good music, coffee and conversation. We strive for an incredible ambiance so that every visit is a treat."


News 12 The Bronx

We were featured on News 12 The Bronx! Watch the full video or click on News 12

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We have a wide variety of events hosted at the Caffeine Underground, from musicians to DJ's, art shows to classes and more! Check out our upcoming events by clicking the button below!